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Notification Channel

The EU directive will oblige companies to provide an anonymous channel for the notification of suspicions of malpractice.  The Central Chamber of Commerce’s Notification Channel service offers your company the opportunity to set up a channel cost-effectively and effortlessly.


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Set up a secure Notification Channel effortlessly.

Notification Channel

Information about the EU directive

We have compiled key information on the whistleblowing directive.

Why the Notification Channel?

Service prices

Fee for setting up a notification channel

Membership price for member companies of chambers of commerce 300 € + VAT. 24%.  Normal price 500 € + VAT. 24%.

Monthly fee for the notification channel

The monthly fee for the service is based on the number of employees in the company.

Number of employees up to 100

Number of employees up to 100

  • Membership price 150 € / month
  • Normal price 180 € / month
  • Billing periods: 3, 6 or 12 months
Number of employees 101 to 1000

Number of employees 101 to 1000

  • Membership price 300 €/kk
  • Normal price 360 €/kk
  • Billing periods: 3, 6 tai 12 kk
Number of employees 1001+

Number of employees 1001+

  • Membership price 500 €/kk
  • Normal price 600 €/kk
  • Billing periods: 3, 6 tai 12 kk

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