Notification Channel

The EU directive will oblige companies to provide an anonymous channel for the notification of suspicions of malpractice. The Finland Chamber of Commerce’s Notification Channel service offers your company the opportunity to set up a channel cost-effectively and effortlessly.

Benefits of the Notification Channel

According to research, companies that invest in sustainable business operations have a 5–15 year lead over their competitors. Success is often based on committed customers, engaged personnel and differentiation in the market. Personnel, customers and stakeholders value and demand responsibility. Through the Notification Channel, your company has the opportunity to gain valuable information about potential problems at an early stage. If problems arise, you will be able to address them in a timely m anner and correct the shortcomings at a lower cost.

Anonymous notifications

Anonymous notifications about a company’s activities can be submitted through the Notification Channel. Reports may relate to unethical conduct or suspected malpractice. With the Finland Chamber of Commerce’s Notification Channel service, you can provide a secure Notification Channel to your personnel, customers or stakeholders effortlessly and cost-effectively.

Processing of notifications

The persons managing the notifications in your company will receive information when a new notification is made through the channel. If necessary, they can request additional information from the notifier using the anonymous messaging in the the Notification Channel service.

Inform your stakeholders

When you set up a Notification Channel, make sure your personnel and stakeholders are able to find and use your company’s Notification Channel. Personnel can be informed about the channel, for example, on the intranet and other stakeholders through your website.

Data security and protection

The Finland Chamber of Commerce will not receive any information about the submitted notifications or their content. We value the privacy of the users and the data security of the service is extremely important to us. Our service is based on the GlobaLeaks platform developed in 2011 by an active user community. We ensure the data security level of the service together with our technical and security specialists. The access control, technical data safety and background processes of the service meet high data safety standards and the best industry practices. All notifications are encrypted after submission, using the PGP encryption system. We do not store users’ IP addresses or other identifying information, and we also offer the ability to submit notifications through the Tor network.

Service prices

Implementation fee

Discounted price for Chambers of Commerce members 300 € + VAT. 24%. Normal price 500 € + VAT. 24%.

Monthly fee for the notification channel

The monthly fee for the service is based on the number of employees in the company.

Number of employees up to 249

Number of employees up to 249

  • Price for members 150 € / month
  • Normal price 180 € / month
  • Billing periods: 3, 6 or 12 months
Number of employees 250 to 1000

Number of employees 250 to 1000

  • Price for members 300 € / month
  • Normal price 360 € / month
  • Billing periods: 3, 6 or 12 months
Number of employees         1001+

Number of employees 1001+

  • Price for members 500 € / month
  • Normal price 600 € / month
  • Billing periods: 3, 6 or 12 months

Service provider: Keskuskauppakamarin Palvelu Oy

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      Would you like to report suspected malpractice?

      Through this website, companies can acquire a Notification Channel for themselves. Malpractice or suspicions of are reported through each company’s own Notification Channel. You can get information about each company’s Notification Channel from the company itself, for example, from the company’s website. The Finland Chamber of Commerce does not receive reports of suspected malpractice.