Why the Notification Channel?

On 7 October 2019, the Council of the European Union adopted a so-called Whistleblowing directive, which will have to be implemented by the Member States in December 2021. The directive requires companies employing at least 50 people to establish a channel through which malpractices and unethical acts can be reported. Through the channel, the company also notifies the whistleblower, i.e., the notifier, of the measures taken.

Through the Finland Chamber of Commerce’s Notification Channel, your company meets the requirements of the directive and provides personnel and other notifiers with a reliable and easy-to-use channel for making notifications.

In our service, people who receive the notifications can easily handle and process the notifications. Through the service, only persons authorized by the company have access to the notifications. Notifications are between the notifier and the handlers specifically authorized by the company.

Check here to see if the directive obligates your company:

Your company is obligated to provide a channel if

  • your organization has at least 50 employees or
  • your organization is active in the field of financial services or is exposed to money laundering or terrorist financing.

The directive also applies to municipalities with at least 10,000 inhabitants.

Who should be able to report?

The company must allow notifications to be made, from, among others,

  • current and former personnel of the company and job seekers
  • the company’s shareholders
  • personnel of the company’s subcontractors and suppliers
  • potential volunteers and trainees of the company

In a nutshell:

  • Introduce an internal notification channel that allows secure reporting without revealing the identity of the notifier
  • Name the person or entity responsible for the functioning of the notification channel
  • Give the notifier an acknowledgment of receipt within seven days of receiving their notification
  • Inform the notifier, within three months of the acknowledgment of receipt, of the action taken on the notification

The Finland Chamber of Commerce offers your company the opportunity to create a cost-effective Notification Channel required by the directive

  • Your company easily complies with the directive
  • The Notification Channel is secure and ethical

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